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Aug. 23, 2022

Emotional Labor and Why It Matters in Menopause

Emotional Labor and Why It Matters in Menopause

This week Clarissa is joined by Dr Regina Lark Ph.D owner of Clear Path a professional organizing and productivity business and a feminist historian as well as the coauthor of Emotional Labor: Why A Woman's Work is Never Done and What To Do About It

Unequal emotional labour and 'invisible work' is a hot-button issue and can become hotter as menopause symptoms dial up.

The fact is that women do 75% of all care duties. We have the longest job description in history.

And although many women are beginning to outsource a chunk of the physical labor required to manage our lives day to day. We are doing disproportional amounts of emotional labor everything to do with the management of that which is not the physical labor of the household such as: grocery lists, pharmacy pick-ups, family birthdays, cupcakes, sympathy cards, and stocking up the stationary cupboard at work.

The changes in our menopausal brain (brain fog, insomnia, mood swings etc) can mean a breakdown of our executive functioning and we can exacerbate our symptoms through chronic disorder.

We talk about

  • What emotional labor is
  • Historical underpinnings of emotional labor that have created our current situation
  • The chronic lack of gender equality in households even as equality is being championed in other areas of life
  • How to address the inequality of 'invisible work'
  • The work of Eve Rodsky and her innovative system Fair Play https://www.everodsky.com/fair-play
  • The role of radical delegation and deliberate dialogue to open up constructive change in the household

And more....

To learn more about Regina's work connect with her through her website https://aclearpath.net/

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Dr Regina LarkProfile Photo

Dr Regina Lark

Author and CEO

In 2008, Dr. Regina Lark founded A Clear Path: Professional Organizing and Productivity. Regina is a featured speaker and educator on issues ranging from productivity, hoarding, and women’s leadership. This past October, Regina published her third book, Emotional Labor: Why A Woman’s Work is Never Done and What To Do About It.
As a Certified Professional Organizer CPO®, Regina is a specialist in boomer and senior downsizing, residential organizing, and life transitions. With an additional Certification in Chronic Disorganization, she works with clients who are challenged by ADHD and other brain-based conditions.