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Nov. 3, 2020

S2 E4 Coping with Menopause Induced Anxiety with Clarissa Kristjansson

S2 E4 Coping with Menopause Induced Anxiety with Clarissa Kristjansson

Today’s episode talks about something that is very common and very close to my heart and that is meno-induced-anxiety that is common and impacts the quality of women’s lives. I share my own story, why women develop anxiety at this time and provide solutio

Welcome 1.32

Why mental health has the biggest impact on our menopause experience 2.41

My anxiety and the full-blown anxiety attack that took me not to rock bottom but to my rock foundations 4.39

Why mindfulness was the key to helping me to learn to accept and live with anxiety 5.82

The role estrogen deficiency on our mental health 6.69

Exercise helps and the different types of exercise that help to manage anxiety 7.69

Learning to look at our thoughts, mindfulness as the bedrock of acceptance and compassion 12.39

How CEO and leaders can better support women to go through menopause at work and remain in their roles 14.46

Open communication with your partner so they can support you 15.40

Struggling? Then reconsider HRT and other medical interventions including psychotherapy 16.40

‘I need your support’ 18.12

Menopause can be messy, sometimes the only thing you can be is still, just be you 19.02

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