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Nov. 17, 2020

S2 E6. Drop the mask and create REAL relationships with Deb Morgan relationship expert of Not A Rehearsal

S2 E6. Drop the mask and create REAL relationships with Deb Morgan relationship expert of Not A Rehearsal

In today’s episode, Clarissa talks with Deb Morgan relationship expert from Not A Rehearsal who is passionate to help women over 40 to live life on their terms and create strong, healthy, and robust relationships.
She shares her story of abusive relation

🙋‍♀️Welcome 1.32

😲Deb shares her shock of finding her high school sweetheart was a violent abuse man on the wedding night 2.33

😮We talk about her meeting and settling down at 33 with her second husband only to find herself in a coercive controlling relationship 4.55

⚖️How after experiencing bankruptcy and leaving her husband and child she fought a 10-year custody battle for her son. 12.42

😵Deb shares her planned suicide and what stopped her from going all the way 14.17

✌️Why she decided to become a high-end escort 15.53

😏How working in the sex industry gave her the basis for a great business model that she uses today 19.35

💜How a chance encounter at a theatre led to reconnecting with the love of her life 22.36

😓‘Yes, people can put up with behavior that's not acceptable for a long time’ 27.38

☝️So we then get very resentful and say no more. 'I'm going out that I'm living my life now' that's a term I often hear 'it's time for me, it's time for my life' 27.58

👉Understanding that men also go through menopause 31.42

👠How interviewing her client when working as an escort was the trigger to studying psychology 34.15

🗣️All of the nuances of life get in the way, and we forget how to talk to each other 37.08

🧱Deb shares why the first steps in rebuilding your relationships to take an interest in your partners interest 40.45

🌹‘Just be yourself. Because remember, the person they fell in love with was yourself, the very core of who you are’ 44.22





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