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Jan. 5, 2021

S2E11. To Eat or Not to Eat Talking Intuitive Eating and Positive Body Image with Dri Marie

S2E11. To Eat or Not to Eat Talking Intuitive Eating and Positive Body Image with Dri Marie

Do you feel crazy around food, lost in contradictory health messages and don’t know where to turn?
In today’s episode Dri Marie, founder of The Body Joy Academy talks about intuitive eating and body image and how to put the joy back onto our plates and f

Welcome 1.32

Dri shares how her own story of a disordered relationship with food started from a sense of shame about her curvy body 2.46

How disordered eating shows up. Counting calories, weighing food and weighing yourself twice a day, compulsive overeating, binge eating and restricting over-exercising under-exercising.  5.37

What is intuitive eating? 9.00

The importance of having a respectful relationship to your body around recognizing your hunger, do you know your hunger? Do you know what it feels like? Do you know what it's like to feel satisfied?  13.27

Why mindfulness is one of the key steps to becoming curious about your relationship to food, your body signals and your habits.14.40

Eating archetypes and the ‘dilettante’ who is always on the go and unaware of what she’s eating: the quantity or the quality.23.06

The trickle effect of negative comments and how they internalize the shame and until you just feel like it's a part of you! 30.28

Life will change our bodies, through illness or age, and the importance of showing your body respect through these changes 34.29

How our obsession with thinness drives size and age discrimination for women in the job market 36.08

Dri shares her key steps for starting a different relationship with food and your body image 41.00
1. Put weight loss on the back burner and turn with curiosity to what is happening right now in your relationship with food

2. Start seeing your body as a HER not an IT!

3. Start viewing your food and body habits as relationship and recognize it's going to take gentle, consistent effort, you know, to transform those relationships




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