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Jan. 19, 2021

S2E13. How to Break Free from the Procrastination Trap with Dr. Christine Li

S2E13. How to Break Free from the Procrastination Trap with Dr. Christine Li

Are you aware that you are avoiding doing certain things, but also that doing so is probably a bad idea. And yet, you do it anyway?
In today’s episode, I am joined by clinical psychologist Dr. Christine Li who is also known for her work as the “Procrasti

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We tend to procrastinate when our schedules are limited and we really have infinite stores of energy or time to devote to the things that we're even interested in, let alone the things we have to do. 2.29

In order to transition from a stuck, frozen place to a flowing energetic space, we need to deal with our feelings, address them, face them, talk about them. And we need to recognize them too.  4.56

We have a constant store of energy that is inside a kind of spiritual life energy. That is always available to you, even if you're feeling anxious, even if you're feeling overwhelmed, even if you're feeling really tired. 7.04

Christine shares how although she is not a naturally organized person her planner has become one of her best friends in overcoming chronic procrastination allowing her to show up 11.32

She talks about how going swimming every other day has been a very powerful lesson in repetition, in accepting that things may not be just hunky dory, but that they can be really beautiful. And that you can get stronger and better with each day and it doesn't have to be an effortful push.14.21

We discuss how during menopause we have to be the master of our energy, space, and our time and keep ourselves really close to our peak of awareness, and use insight and gut intuition as we can so that we can make sense of the facts 16.14

Christine shares in detail concrete steps for overcoming procrastination in her S.M.A.C.K approach - simplicity, mindfulness, anxiety reduction, communication and kindness 24.19

Our symptoms are our bodies messaging that we have crossed a line. We should give gratitude to every symptom that our body sends us


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