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Jan. 26, 2021

S2E14. Becoming the CEO of Your Life with Yvonne Dam

S2E14. Becoming the CEO of Your Life with Yvonne Dam

Does it seem like you have too little time, too much to do and feel overwhelmed? And yet you keep on pushing on but making little progress?
In today’s episode, I am joined by business coach Yvonne Dam of Amaze-Yourself. We talk about becoming the CEO of

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A lot of a lot is asked of us. And it's more what we do with those questions, do we honor them? Or do we choose something else?4.33

Block time in your calendar for important personal activities and honor that time 8.33

To help others is to take care of yourself first, because only if you are feeling good, you can do good to others. 11.11

Set boundaries and communicate them. It can be tough at first, but make it a habit. 13.18

If you are procrastinating then don't open social media, don't open email or whatever else. Just start with that one thing you need to do, and then promise yourself that you can't do anything else until it's done..15.30

Yvonne’s best tip that I implemented personally is to set the 3 most impactful actions I can do each day that will move me closer to my goals and do this consistently. Works better than any to-do list! 19.47

If you are busy with everything you never get enough done.  If you really break it down into simple steps. If you run your own business it easier to make the money and it's indeed possible to double your turnover 24.19

Why is it so hard to run your life this way? It's ingrained in our culture, in our upbringing and education that we really have to work hard, we have to hustle. And then you know, we'll get the results, we'll get more impact, we'll get more money. So the difficulty lies in that we actually have to shift our mindset. 26.40

Yvonne’s top 3 tips:

  • Make yourself a priority. 
  • Focus like a proper CEO, on what you want to bring it into reality and work with the most impactful actions, 
  • Bring back the fun and the joy in life, because that's what really is going to help you to make this sustainable.


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