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Feb. 2, 2021

S2E15. The Art of Moving Well with Paula James

S2E15. The Art of Moving Well with Paula James

This week I am in conversation with Paula James who teaches women over 40 and a few amazing men to move more comfortably and remain safely active as they age. In Paula’s own words we are ‘ Beautifully Designed for This Planet’ but sometimes, we may experi

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Paula shares her own story of living with 10 years of lower back and neck pain and how her interest in alignment, yoga and Feldenkrais training started a journey to help others 2.35

Paula shares how she helps people find greater ease and a sense of belonging in their own physical selves. Helping them improve their posture so that they generate less tension in their activities.  4.34

If you have never been able to do a split or deep squats Paul explains why and why striving for this can cause damage whatever your yoga instructor might say. 10.12

How can you move more comfortably in the world? Just moment to moment. Paula talks about the importance of making people feel confident and balanced in their own physical self, so they move with a little more ease and grace. 12.15

Paula’s tips to sitting comfortably for a long period are relevant to all of us who are sitting all day at a laptop in your home office.12.51

Paula discusses muscle tone and pelvic floor muscles and why what we need to strengthen is not the muscles themselves but the communication loop. Does the brain know how to call on them? This applies equally to men as to women. 23.51

‘What is the quality of your own internal experience? And part of that is, is this a pleasure for you? Because if you are just enduring this activity, then that's a problem. And why are you bringing more of that quality into your life? 33.06

Paula shares how important her work is in helping older people retain a sense of self authority, and sovereignty, ‘I'm the one in charge of this’ mindset. How this can help with trips and falls as we age. 40.12


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