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Feb. 9, 2021

S2E16. Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to Anxiety with Stephanie Dalfonzo

S2E16. Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to Anxiety with Stephanie Dalfonzo

Anxiety in menopause is real but it doesn’t have to rule our lives! In this week's episode I am joined by Stephanie Dalfonzo, Integrative Hypnotist, who uses her voice to literally hypnotize her clients into making incredible life changes. We talk about h

Welcome 1.32

Inspiring client success stories of  how hypnosis helped them overcome underlying fears 13.01

Stephanie takes me through a square breathing technique that helps to reduce stress and anxiety 17.40

If you are suffering hot flashes tune in to a technique that turns down the inner thermostat 24.06

We discuss anticipatory anxiety and how we can swap that feeling for anticipatory calm 27.19

Stephanie shares her top tips to help you say goodbye to anxiety 39.24
 Start today don't wait to take action to manage your anxiety
 Once an hour, stop and breathe for 10 seconds. That's enough to press the reset

Embrace all of you as you do that you're extending compassion to yourself and life is a lot better.

To begin this journey get 5 free techniques from her book Goodbye Anxiety Hello Freedom go to the website 40.35


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