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March 9, 2021

S2E19. The Art and Science of Aging Well with Annie Gaudreault

S2E19. The Art and Science of Aging Well with Annie Gaudreault

You deserve to age better and stronger but too often midlife is a time when 20+ years of “adult living” catches up with us. This week I am in conversation with Annie, licensed nutritionist and founder of Veev Wellness. We discuss how to make better choice

Welcome 1.32

Annie shares how her past training for marathons and ironman events is a metaphor for life and underpins her work 5.16

The importance of energy over time to help transform your life 8.21

Discuss the concepts of building and renewing energy 12.06

Longevity and good health as we age is related to having our bodies engaged, doing housework, dancing, gardening, walking etc 13.57

Why managing our stress response is one of your biggest tools at your disposal to improve the quality of your sleep 21.32

Learning from elite athletes to build in for periods of rest, like on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis to achieve better energy. 23.17

The concept of slow Sundays without technology and instead finding a slow hobby,  knitting, writing or cooking that actually brings you joy and pleasure 24.13

The importance of the 3 pillars of the macronutrients protein, carbs, and fats for women to significantly improve their health as they age 33.54

Why we need to up the level of protein after 60 34.36

The importance of omega 3 fatty acids for brain health 38.56

How reverse engineering vegetables and making them Centerplate helps in switching to a plant-based diet 47.11

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