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March 16, 2021

S2E20. The Role of Digital Health in Menopause with Erica Opare

S2E20. The Role of Digital Health in Menopause with Erica Opare

Innovation in digital health for menopause has been slow despite a recent survey showing that 93% of the women were interested in non-invasive tech solutions for menopause symptoms. This week I am in conversation with Erica Opare a pharmacist and digital

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Erica shares how her mother’s hysterectomy in her late 40’s  and the barriers to discussing menopause within black and ethnic communities created a barrier to seeking help 8.57

The power of digital health is that it can empower women by providing information and solutions  in one space 12.40

Data inequality regarding women’s health - today we are operating at half speed extrapolating from male data a lot of the time 22.57

The importance of investing in our health early on - nutrition, exercise, sleep and managing stress and raising the awareness amongst younger women 26.32

The key takeaway is patient empowerment, built on awareness, tracking and planned conversations 32.07

Connect with Erica https://www.linkedin.com/in/ericaopare-sakyi/

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