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April 6, 2021

S2E21. A Holisitc Approach to Pelvic Wellness with Amy Lee Kaiser

S2E21. A Holisitc Approach to Pelvic Wellness with Amy Lee Kaiser

Do not look at your body or anything that comes out of it as disgusting or shameful. It is a story, pay attention to it. When you know your body's norms you will know when something is off. This week we discuss pelvic health with Amy Lee Kaiser, pelvic sp

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Amy shares her journey from nursing, training in deep visceral manipulation and combining this with Reiki to support women’s pelvic health 2.46

Why we should not as normal accept that we pee a little when we cough or jump or sneeze. We want people to know that it is not normal. But It is a common thing for your body to do 12.38

Our reactions to pelvic floor changes if often to do Kegel exercises but Amy explains why this might be the last thing you want to do and why you should seek help 15.02

We discuss how Reiki and working on our chakras is central to pelvic health 20.39

We dive deeper into the root chakras in the pelvic area - the seat of  women's intuition and  why if we have been violated, had surgery in that area that has disrupted our energy flow  it will eventually cause physical ailments, like endometriosis, painful period or polyps 23.56

Energetically speaking, if we continue to heal and balance our pelvis, it improves our sex life, it improves our relationships, it improves our income. It is incredibly powerful, 25.55

The importance of knowing our bodies intimately, looking at them, every part, knowing even its r odor 29.27

Amy and I talk about shame and how hard it is for women to discuss their bodies and the importance of creating space for these conversations to happen so we don't have to suffer 34.06

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