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April 14, 2021

S2E22. It's good to talk menopause with Rachel Weiss founder of Menopause Cafe

S2E22. It's good to talk menopause with Rachel Weiss founder of Menopause Cafe

In this episode, Rachel Weiss founder of Menopause Cafe shares how this amazing charity is creating spaces where all genders and ages can talk about menopause, with no preset agenda, only topics by the participants on the day.

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Rachel shares how a BBC documentary in 2017 opened her eyes to the fact that no one talked about menopause which led to the creation of pop up events where anyone of any age, any gender could turn up and have conversation. 2.27

In Menopause Cafes there are no experts, no advice being given. It is about breaking the silence and the shame it breeds that leaves people to suffer on their own and not realizing that menopause is a normal stage of life and not you are not going mad. 6.55

As humans, we want to belong. And often during menopause, women lose their sense of identity and belonging. Who am I anymore? Who is this new person? Where do I belong?


‘Ultimately, I don't want there to be a need for menopause cafes, maybe in 510 years time, it will be an accepted conversation. So you won't need special places’ 17.43

Menopause will be as accepted as pregnancy. It will be about bringing the wisdom of experience to our workplaces and communities, honoring and celebrating older women 20.22

Rachel shares the details of the upcoming online menopause festival FlushFest 2021 starting Friday 30th April which will include 23.29

  • A seminar on menopause in the workplace
  • Comedy and steamy storytelling
  • A smorgasbord of events that celebrate of all things menopause: poetry workshops, nutrition talks, belly dancing, assertiveness, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc

Learn more about Menopause Cafe and book for #FlushFest 2021 https://www.menopausecafe.net/

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