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April 27, 2021

S2E24. Calling Love Over 40 with Katie Philips

S2E24. Calling Love Over 40 with Katie Philips

To meet your 'one' you must first meet yourself. So says this week's guest Katie Phillips a therapeutic coach who founded The School of Self-Love for women who want to learn a more authentic, aligned and empowered way of doing life.

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Katie shares her journey of becoming perimenopausal right at the start of a new relationship  and that was instrumental in founding the School of Self-Love 5.27

Flipping the blocks that women hold around love after 40 and instead going on a journey of getting to know themselves and learning how to respond to life rather than being in reaction to past pain and trauma.10.25

The importance of feminine values, being connected to our bodies. Taking time to just be, and to feel our feelings and to surrender and allow ourselves to be in a receiving state 15,58

Overcoming the idea of push, striving and scarcity that all the good men are gone  18.02

Any transformation begins with awareness, and just choosing to take time every day to check in with yourself and ask yourself, How do I feel? What do I need?  23.14

Part of the journey is about been about learning to surrender and allow a man to help and support and hold safe space for you 31.39

Change our habits from focusing on what we don’t need to and get super focused on what we do desire 33.28

Final words of advice

  • Stop the endless searing on the apps
  • Stop trying to figure out where he's going to come from
  • Put all your focus onto yourself - how you feel, what you need
  • Prepare yourself and then allow the miracles of life to happen. 

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