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June 1, 2021

S2E29. Take you life from no to YES! with Julie Scott

S2E29. Take you life from no to YES! with Julie Scott

How do you shift from unhealthy beliefs and patterns to accepting, trusting and loving yourself? That's exactly what my guest Julie Scott creator of The Confident Women's Community, and the author of the book - "This Time It's About You" did and now helps

Welcome 1.32

How people pleasing began as a little girl so she could feel loved 2.35

After years of struggling with power-giving and low self-esteem, the end of her marriage was the wake-up call to the feeling of Oh, god, I'm trapped how do I get out of this life? 5.40

Talk about how her distorted body image issues restricted her from accepting herself 7.15

Julie shares how shortly after her 50th birthday she started to train for a bikini competition and at 51 she entered for a second tie and won every single division 14.28

The process of training for competitions taught her about her body. How she could trust her body and learn to listen to what her body was asking me.21.09

How her experience made her start coaching women how to really connect deeply with their body, and learn how to give it what it means mind, body, and spirit. Setting women free. 26.02

Women don’t need more information about what to eat, because they know, they have to decide to step into a more intuitive way of eating, to have a strong enough reason why they want to change 36.01

Takeaways from the interview

  • Your body is always communicating with you,
  •  It knows what it requires - let it guide you to well-being. 
  • You can create a program that you can do for the rest of your life because it's fluid. It's not strict, but it keeps you on the path to health and wellness


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