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June 29, 2021

S2E33. Escaping the Reality of Daily Drinking

S2E33. Escaping the Reality of Daily Drinking

‘Mummy wine culture nearly broke me’ this week I chat with Sarah Rusbatch about how getting sober changed her life completely and led her to coach women to become sober.

Welcome 1.32

What is gray area drinking? We're not problem drinkers in terms of an alcoholic in that way. But we are drinking maybe a bit more than we should 2.00

Work culture, boozy lunches and meetings in bars and pubs set the ball rolling for her drinking when she put her career on hold to become a mum 4.45

How turning 40 brought bring changes to her reaction to a ‘big night’ - anxiety, blackout, flashbacks 9.36

Why moderation doesn’t work but instead becomes more of a rollercoaster ride 11.53

How to manage your relationship - will he still want to be with the non-drinking me? 19.42

When we actually give up alcohol as women we gain confidence. Take up new hobbies, develop a deeper connection to ourselves 22.37

Why the alcohol lobby, which is powerful, suppresses the health information around issues like breast cancer 34.27

How a community can support you to quit drinking and why playing it forward it a good way to stay alcohol-free if you’re going to an event (think massage the next day 39.02

You can join Sarah’s community here or contact Sarah regarding grey area drinking here

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