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July 5, 2021

S2E34.Yoga for a Clear, Confident and Fulfilled Midlife with Antonia Balazs

S2E34.Yoga for a Clear, Confident and Fulfilled Midlife with Antonia Balazs

Midlife can leave us feeling uprooted, directionless. This week I chat with yoga teacher Antonia Balazs on how yoga's mind-body connection can give us techniques so we can do the heavy lifting to find our midlife path.

Welcome 1.32

How taking up yoga in her late 40s resulted in becoming a team with her body and how that translated into being more grounded in her life 5.58

Why yoga is the antithesis of the feel the burn exercise movement as it invites you to make friends with your body 9.00

Yoga practice doesn’t always have to be long or hard  sometimes it's five minutes, some good breath, some forward folds into downward facing dog and back into forward fold 17.27

Why you don’t need to do the crazy poses,  simple asanas can you give you strength and patience 26.55

The beauty of yoga. It helps you get back in your stride literally and metaphorically. 34.28

Key Takeaways

  • How yoga is NOT about tying yourself into a pretzel – Learn the techniques you can do yourself in your home so that you can connect to your mind and your body.
  • Stop looking at your midlife body critically and find vitality through the ancient wisdom of yoga – updated for the modern woman.
  • How yoga is as simple and profound as learning how to breathe – because connecting to your breath is everything.
  • Turn towards your body - tune into your mind-body connection and feel better in your own body. How yoga will change your posture and body so you gain overall confidence.
  • How slowing down change can change your life and teach you to act instead of react.

Connect with Antonia on her website  and join her Facebook community here for slow, straightforward yoga sequences, meditations, and other off the mat techniques to find our way forward in midlife. 

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