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July 13, 2021

S2E35. Rebellious Wellness Over 50 with Gregory Anne Cox

S2E35. Rebellious Wellness Over 50 with Gregory Anne Cox

Aging happens but it shouldn't ruin your life. This week I am in conversation with Greg Cox, certified life coach, weight loss coach, and has a certificate in nutrition, who started Rebellious Wellness Over 50 to bring the truth about how to stay looking

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Greg was inspired to start her business because so much of the information that women were receiving, or the lack of information, the stuff they weren't receiving, on the side that it was wrong. 4.50

We are conditioned to not want too much yet we can still have a zest for life, energy, happiness, joy as we age 8.19

Different needs between women going through perimenopause and those who are postmenopausal, even though there are overlaps. Perimenopause is more about symptom relief. Post menopause it's more about ‘What can I do for my future self’? 14.51

It is not just our sex hormones we need to pay attention but other hormones like cortisol and the health of our thyroid that have huge power or influence over how we feel day to day 17.32

Everything is energy, we are energy and it is going into us and around us. Checking in on our energy how we are experiencing our day, the people in their lives, our environment, our diet, is important 20.29

As we age we need to become more aware of our energy and our balance, these will change and even decline and we have to find a way to be okay with that and to do what we enjoy to the limit that we can 25.01

The role of lifestyle to help manage the need for excess medication rather than just accepting more pills as a way to manage your health as you age 33.04

The Blue Zone learnings of the importance of natural movements as a way to stay fit and flexible as we age 35.59

The science of epigenetics, which says that the things around the environment around cells is more important than what's inside the cell.In the latest aging studies, about 30% of how we age will be determined by our genes. And that leaves a huge number 70% of what we can do to influence that process. 39.10

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