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Aug. 31, 2021

S2E42. Learning to Live with the Emotional and Physical Changes of Menopause Brought on by a Hysterectomy?

S2E42. Learning to Live with the Emotional and Physical Changes of Menopause Brought on by a Hysterectomy?

A hysterectomy can actually cause the body to undergo menopause. This week I am in conversation with Jenn Smrz, Wellness Coach about her experiences and challenges of learning to live through the emotional and physical changes of menopause, after 4 breast

Welcome 1.32

Jenn shares her journey of breast cancer, the double mastectomy and how she was advised to have a hysterectomy 2.34

How mindfulness, meditation and regular exercise along with listening to what the body to adjust what it needs is really key 9.46

Why yoga has been part of her wellness approach and how the beauty of yoga is the ability to adapt each pose and each practice to meet needs 16.07

Jeen shares that she has been diagnosed with osteoporosis and not focusing on on the negative, instead of accepting the diagnosis and moving forward is a key part of her mindset 17.17

How her journey has led her to researching more deeply the connections between the chemicals and toxins and many ailments, including cancer, mental health issues and osteoporosis 17.45

Jenn shares the importance of nutrition and the lack of guidance of up to date dietary advice given to cancer patients that supports a plant based diet with less toxins 23.55

The importance of becoming your own health advocate particularly after a hysterectomy and cancer treatment does not afford you the traditional HRT route to managing rapid menopause onset 27.06

Why, when you have chemo fog and brain fog, you need to go to your doctors appointment and write things down 27.51

How having gratitude practices and a sleep routine are super supportive to your healing 31.04

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