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Sept. 7, 2021

S2E43. What Younger Women Need to Know About Menopause

S2E43. What Younger Women Need to Know About Menopause

When a young woman approaches you and wants to become a voice to get younger women to think about menopause earlier in life, you have to say YES!. Today I am joined by Louise Erskine, poet, photographer and content creator to talk about menopause from a d

Welcome 1.32

Importance of the knock effect from how good period research to menopause and greater equality 2.31

Menopause is bigger and scarier because no one talks about it 4.34

How when we are outside of the target age menopause talk passes us by 7.48

Why ‘googling’ any health condition is not the way forward 11.28

How could menopause education in schools gain most traction 21.26

Why focusing on the positive  like having the opportunity of ‘putting me first’ is a strong and empowering message 26.54

Menstruation shouldn't be considered this dirty, horrible little secret that I have to be ashamed of. And I think that's the same for menopause. 30.02

When someone tells you something that happened to them, you have to take that exactly as it is. And that's what makes it that much more powerful. 33.06

The importance of opening up the menopause conversation, to ask questions of the women generationally above me. And then to also transfer my knowledge and my experience in an open and lighter way. 36.58

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