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Sept. 14, 2021

S2E44. Changing Lanes - Life Post-Menopause

S2E44. Changing Lanes - Life Post-Menopause

As we get through menopause we discover a new phase in life. In this week’s episode, I am in conversation with Sally Edwardsauthor of ‘Conversations with Myself’ and her journey of what she calls Changing Lanes and how we can start a conversation with our

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Sally shares post menopause she was in some ways still the same person. But in also lots of ways somehow not, and noticed that a new kind of ‘me’ was emerging.3.01

The discord between the images we are given especially around women's skin and the internal beauty, that shining comes from strength or stability, or balance, and knowing a self-knowing it comes from life experience. 7.01

How the upside of invisibility as she aged has given her the possibility to be quite subversive. 15.44


While we may feel more invisible to the outside, it is an opportunity to become clearer to ourselves.. What are my boundaries? What do I like? What do I dislike? 17.32

How as we enter this phase of life have a different sort of energy. It's more of a kind of low burning energy that sustains for longer and can take us on a longer journey 23.37

‘Despite having four pairs of glasses on my head, sometimes my vision is clearer. because I'm not bogged down by the hormonal ups and down’ 30.07

How our lives are simultaneously more colorful, but also more subtle. Connected to wisdom and intuition, but also learning when to say it. 31.28

Sally shares her best tips for:

  • Consciously realize you're out and through menopause
  • Have a ritual to recognize and celebrate that you are postmenopausal and in this new lane. 
  • Explore the question, Who am I? How am I in this new Lane? And how do I want to bring myself to the world in this part of my life?

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