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Oct. 5, 2021

S2E46. Dignified Menopause -a conversation with Radha Paudel

S2E46. Dignified Menopause -a conversation with Radha Paudel

In conversation Radha Paudel, activist, nurse, and writer. Her childhood experiences of discrimination, abuse, and violence encouraged her to speak in support of gender justice and found the Global South Coalition for Dignified Menstruation that seeks to

Welcome 1.32

Radha shares her own story of trauma associated with menstruation and wishing she could die and be reborn a boy 2.59

How her experiences of a misinterpretation of menstrual issues at a global level led her to founding the Global South Coalition 7.01

We discuss the layers of discrimination that prevent from talking about menopause 12.32

How a lack of understanding of the societal, cultural and political aspects of menstruation and menopause impact the way women are treated by the medical community and society at large 20.54

Discuss that if workplaces are not menstruation/menopause friendly how can women achieve economic empowerment 35.02

Why it is important to speak the word menstruation rather than using terms like ‘period’ 37.24

Highlight the event on the 8th December on Dignified Menopause -  dignified menopause is a human right not a privilege 38.27

Dignified menstruation and dignified menopause are the two sides of the coin 46.54

Follow and connect with Radha and the work of the Global South Coalition for Dignified Menstruation  HERE   and support their work. Sign up for the Signified Menopause Global summit on 8 th December.

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