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Oct. 19, 2021

S2E48. The Natural Menopause

S2E48. The Natural Menopause

Summary: Some women suffer in menopause and others don’t. Naturopath Jennifer Harrington explains why and shows you what you can do about it. As she says, Hormones load the gun, but what pulls the trigger?

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The importance of recognising the length of perimenopause and our experiences and current reality 2.00


Digging deep to find out what are those individual factors for that woman suffering so that we can get a more permanent solution 2.43


Why what you eat really matters and how some natural foods are heavily sprayed and should be replaced if possible by organic versions 7.53


One of the dietary problems is lack of sufficient protein 14.31


Start with reducing your sugar load and also your seed oils as some omega 6 seed oils  are very proinflammatory 17.31


Postmenopause our digestive acids in our digestive enzymes start to reduce. It be helpful to have some bitter food like  starting your day with half of freshly squeezed lemon in water to help turn on that digestive system 19.43


Is this stress? Or is this menopause? Having a look at their cortisol levels, seeing what we can do to optimize their adrenal function 22.23


If you are on HRT then looking at your lifestyle, your diet your environment have only upsides for improving your health and aging well 28.00


It may be time to rethink your alcohol consumption. And to find out what's going work for you, because our liver function does decline with age 30.18


If you want to look after other people you need to look after you first because if you don't prioritize time for exercise if you don't prioritize time for healthy eating, you're going to be the one who maybe needs looking after 32.49


Remember that you do still have estrogen after your menopausal transition, in the form estrone that needs us to have good functioning adrenals, and good liver function 37.45


Postmenopause there's this joy and energy. Positivity that is possible for us to achieve.

To become a woman living with passion and purpose and enjoying abundance. 39.11


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Link to the report on pesticides by the EWG that Jen mentioned https://www.ewg.org/foodnews/dirty-dozen.php

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Jennifer Harrington

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Jennifer Harrington is the founder of Menopause Natural Solutions is dedicated to helping women all around the world transition as smoothly as possible through menopause.