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Nov. 24, 2020

S2E7. How to nail your executive presence and reputation with Helen Robinett

S2E7. How to nail your executive presence and reputation with Helen Robinett

In today’s episode Clarissa talks with Helen Robinett, Executive Leadership, Accredited Being Coach & Super Connector who helps female leaders get a seat on a board to get the board roles they really want at this stage of their life. She shares the import

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‘It was really interesting for me the the impact that the visual has on success in life and in business’ 2.33

‘My research showed me Clarissa that women are not broken. There's nothing wrong with us, the system is broken,for sure.6.18

Men speak over the top of women. And what we do is we just go silent, because if we speak out, then are seen as aggressive 6.42

The corporate and the political landscape, it's very patriarchal, and in order to survive, women take on the masculine ways of being the wearing of the power suit and the bob haircut 12.11

Any woman can build a brand that's for her but I think particularly when we want to stand out in more senior positions in this sea of black and gray. People remember you. 22.39

A signature style. Let's make this a thing for you. Let's get it out there. Let's show you doing this so that you own it because confidence is a big thing. 25.35

For senior roles a man will have two out of 10 of the criteria. And he'll say, Yep, in the bag, going for it. A woman will have eight out of 10, and she'll say she hasn't got it all. 27.07

Women who know how to manage, a two year old, they have learned the art of negotiation and influence. These are skills for board roles too 27.36

Part of getting into senior position is finding the good men who can help women to get to where they need to be these are the men who should be in your circle of influence 36.25

‘So get off the fence, get off the fence, you need to go one side or the other. You sit on that fence too long, you'll get splinters’ 37.30

Mne join boards because it goes on their CV. Women join because they want to make a difference. We should question more: Why do you want to be on this board?47.22


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