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Dec. 1, 2020

S2E8. Empowering Women in Menopause with Dr Donna Ivery

S2E8. Empowering Women in Menopause with Dr Donna Ivery

In today’s episode, Clarissa talks with Dr Donna G Ivery physician, board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist, entrepreneur, and professional speaker. We talk about menopause, the lack of information, and how unprepared women are even though they inte

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‘The lack of intrinsic information is what has astounded me the most over the years,’ 5.15

‘The symptom that caused me the most challenge to my confidence was being so edgy. And some people would say, bitchy, um, that I couldn't predict how I would react’.7.59

And if you're naturally a control freak, then losing control. Having that control just you wake up and realize it's gone, is very unsettling 12.36

‘I finally understood why women end up in the emergency room looking panicked. Because I had to catch myself from not being panicky that not only had I bled so heavily that I soiled my clothes that as I'm in the bathroom, I am pouring blood out of my body uncontrollably’ 13.20

And I have plenty of former patients that work for Walmart, we could have a whole discussion about what it's like, as an hourly worker in an evening or night shift at a supplier. And the lack of breaks the type of hard work, we don't appreciate how much physically hard work how many women are in physically demanding jobs, 22.58

‘We are where we are as women for three different reasons. Blood banking, antibiotics, and pap smears’. 29.56

‘We also have to be willing to acknowledge that hormonal changes are real. They're not a sign of weakness’ 35.16

Not everybody will find menopause a difficult transition. It's not a disease, I emphasize that I tell all my patients that it's not a disease, it's a timeframe of change in our lives, from a high hormone environment, back down to a low hormone environment 36.57

‘That's the anti-aging push. that pushes the notion of just get your hormone levels up, and it'll be fine’.39.49

‘And then we're like, okay, here, here's a script and you walk out the door. 10-minute visit, we're failing, our healthcare system is failing us. And we've got to do better’.44.43

Dr. Donna’s 3 takeaways for you:57.22
1. This is a life stage is not a disease, you're not broken. It's very common. So don't be afraid of it. But don't ignore it as though you're too weak or you're not doing the right things. 

2. Get information, get help. And a lot of times you're going to be rebuffed. That's probably the hardest part. Keep going to the next person. So you get somebody that's listening.
3. It's a stage in life. It's a developmental stage. And it will not last forever. And there are definite things you can do to feel better soon.

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