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Dec. 28, 2021

SE2 58 Rebuilding Your Life After Betrayal and Tragedy

SE2 58 Rebuilding Your Life After Betrayal and Tragedy

How can you move through crises towards new compassion? My guest today is the author of The Ghost Marriage Kirsten Mickelwait who with unflinching honesty and grace, reveals how she not only survived the lies, betrayals, and lawsuits of her divorce and the after-shocks from the death of their ex-husband to find compassion and forgiveness.

It is a story of how to be quick on your feet when your daily foundation crumbles in midlife. And how a transformative life experience can bring you to a place of new empowerment and opportunity.

You can get the full book HERE on Amazon or through Kirsten's website https://www.kirstenmickelwait.com/

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