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Dec. 21, 2021

SE2: EP 57 The Secrets of Being a Successful Entrepreneur at 50+

SE2: EP 57 The Secrets of Being a Successful Entrepreneur at 50+

Over 50 and want to become a successful entrepreneur. Whether you are retiring, got booted out or are just over it. My guest is Colleen Kochhanek of the Scrappy Frontier as she shares her journey from redundancy to becoming a laptop entrepreneur. Her mission is to help women 50+ to do the same WITHOUT the tech and social media overwhelm.

Fact: Women over 50 are twice as likely to build a successful sustainable online business than someone under 30. They just need the right support.

In this conversation we cover:

Why if we've made it to 50 we have decades of experience that can be turned into value for others

How to avoid the newbie mistakes that are all too common

Why as digital immigrants (not natives) we need a better way free from jargon and a gazillion tools to get started

How we can get over a fear of technology, which is often holding us back

How our businesses can fit our lifestyle not the other way around

You can connect with Colleen at Scrappy Frontier

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