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Nov. 9, 2021

SE2: EP51 How to Overcome Emotional Eating

SE2: EP51 How to Overcome Emotional Eating

How can we break free of the need to consistently live in a diet mentality?

My guest today Angela Roth, founder of Shaper Shifter Academy, believes we can enjoy living at a healthy weight because we understand our body, the changes and demands it's gone through, and the place where we are most comfortable.

Living at a healthy weight needs an understanding of what a 'healthy weight' actually means, and why we eat is at the very heart of caring for ourselves fully, and loving ourselves into the weight we actually want to be.

Angela and I talk about;

Her struggle with emotional eating issues and where those struggles originated

Her journey as a woman like through the changes of life and how did they affect her self-perception

And why she feels more excited and energetic about her life now than ever have before

How she is helping emotional eaters discover the self-belief to find a healthier weight for life

You can connect with and learn more about Angela and her work at https://shapeshiftersacademy.com/ Follow her on Facebook

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