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Nov. 30, 2021

SE2: EP54 Celebrating Agefulness with Dawn Mathis

SE2: EP54 Celebrating Agefulness with Dawn Mathis

Menopause is a way -if we shift our perspective - to celebrate our "agefulness" and a soft signal to increase our awareness of our bodies.

My guest Dawn Mathis is a former physical therapist. She is the founder of Insitu LifeWorks, a coach, speaker, and consultant.

Dawn coaches from a mind/body/spirit approach in an evocative style. and stresses that the Power is within us to live the life we would LOVE

In this conversation Dawn shares

Her own menopause experience

Her initial struggles

What she has done to face it with a kind glance

Her best advice: Be clear on your goals and know that whatever is happening, this too shall pass!

Connect with Dawn http://www.insitulifeworks.com/

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