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Nov. 23, 2021

SE2: SE53 Breaking Through Perfectionism

SE2: SE53 Breaking Through Perfectionism

My guest this week, Margaret Ghielmetti, always dreamed of being a writer.

But before she could actually write that book she had to learn to stop trying to be the perfect person she thought everyone wanted her to be.

It's a journey many women are familiar with especially as we enter our menopausal years.

In the conversation Margaret shares how at forty, she quit her sales job to follow her husband's hotel career across 4 continents

She shares her coming to terms with childlessness

Conquering her alcoholism

And finally discovering how to go beyond the mentally engrained Davis Family Handbook of Rules to Live By to step into her own life and creative destiny

The full journey is outlined in her new book, Brave(ish) A Memoir of a Recovering Perfectionist.

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