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May 31, 2022

SE3: EP 22 When Menopause and Illness Collide

SE3: EP 22 When Menopause and Illness Collide

This week's guest is transformational coach Emily Shaules. A former attorney, and professional actor, Emily went from suicidal and on 25 pills a day by the time she was 30, to thriving in her body, mind and spirit.

She shares her story and how she utilizes Hermetic and Universal laws, as well as practical health and wellness knowledge, to help those who are sick of the struggle and want to design a dream life that honours their body and experience.

The takeout from our conversation include:

  • find out why she calls her coaching group the Canary Club
  • how menopause and invisible illness collide
  • why you need to make changes in order to heal your body
  • why focusing on what what's working in your life is the fastest way to move forward and be happy.

You can connect with Emily and join her Canary Club here

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