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Feb. 22, 2022

SE:3 EP 8 Every Woman First: In Conversation with Vanessa Ford CoFounder of MenoLabs

SE:3 EP 8  Every Woman First: In Conversation with Vanessa Ford CoFounder of MenoLabs

This week my guest is Vanessa Ford, cofounder of Menolabs a business that focuses on women’s issues during the perimenopausal/menopausal transition.

Vanessa was prompted to action when, at 44, she began her own transition into menopause. Unsatisfied with the lack of support that women experience during this stage of life, and finding the stereotypes of women in mid-life exasperating and insulting, she created MenoLabs to address what she sees as a glaring need in every woman’s life.

Vanessa is a driving force in everything MenoLabs does, from their probiotic product formulations, including best selling products MenoFit and MenoGlow, to the creation of the MenoLife app for women in menopause, to being the face of the brand in informative videos and across social media.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Vanessa’s Perimenopausal Journey
  • Why the Current Approach to Menopause Is Fundamentally Broken and How To Fix It
  • MenoLabs 3-Pronged Unique Approach to Menopause
  • Why Addressing the Microbiome/Estrobolome the Solution to Mitigating the
  • Why Having the Right Tools To Track Health During the MenopausalTransition Is Key to Minimizing the Impact of Menopause/Perimenopause


More information on Menolabs, their products, the MenolLife app and more can be found on their website https://menolabs.com/

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Vanessa FordProfile Photo

Vanessa Ford

Menopause/Perimenopause Expert

Vanessa Ford is the cofounder of MenoLabs, a company fundamentally changing the conversation, treatment, and research surrounding the menopausal transition. Vanessa was prompted to action after experiencing severe symptoms and finding that there was little in the way of help for her -
and millions of other women just like her. She refused to accept the situation as
inevitable and found the research, the team, and capital to do something about it. Together, that team built a $30 million company - during COVID lockdown.