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June 7, 2022

SE3: EP23 One Woman's Story of Breast Cancer and Menopause in Lockdown

SE3: EP23 One Woman's Story of Breast Cancer and Menopause in Lockdown

Gerry Joaquim's story can be summed up in one-word RESILIENCE.

This week clinical hypnotherapist Gerry joins me to share her story of being diagnosed with breast cancer while in menopause at the height of the UK Covid Lockdown.

One of the key takeaways is that screening IS essential and not something to be skipped over. It might feel uncomfortable but a few minutes of the discomfort might just save your life.

We talk about how we can face and lean into adversity instead of railing against a diagnosis like cancer, therefore giving ourselves more energy to find solutions.

Since Gerry has been prescribed Tamoxifen, an estrogen receptor blocker, she is unable to have HRT. We share some insights on how you can cope with menopausal symptoms, without being able to take HRT or support medicines naturally? Yoga has become one of Gerry's go-to ways to move after years of being a runner.

And why listening to your body, resting and practising self-care is critical to your recovery pathway.

You can connect with Gerry on her website https://www.geraldinejoaquim.co.uk/blog

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