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Jan. 25, 2022

SE3: EP4 What Men Should Know About Menopause with Coach Allan

SE3: EP4 What Men Should Know About Menopause with Coach Allan

Even though every woman goes through menopause, it often seems that men understand surprisingly little about it. This week I am joined by Coach Allan Misner creator of the thriving 40+ Fitness Community, to talk about how guys could learn a little more of what goes on with menopause and how they support their partner better. We also a talk a good deal about nutrition, fitness and becoming healthier in our 40s.

We talk about

  • How he supported his wife through fibroids and hysterectomy
  • The importance of men being aware of what menopause symptoms are and what women may be going through
  • Why two-way conversations matter through perimenopause
  • How men can be supportive to their partner


  • Coach Allan's own journey of turning his health and life around
  • Importance of goals for your health journey
  • How self-love manifests as health
  • The importance of nutrition for hormone health
  • Why fitness is being not about looks but about being 'fit for task'

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