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Jan. 4, 2022

SE3 Episode 1 The Working Womens Guide to Menopause

SE3 Episode 1 The Working Womens Guide to Menopause

Life doesn't stop for menopause!. Our bodies change and our emotions too but life and work go on.

Gail Gibson, a performance and leadership coach has recently co-authored a book with her friend and fellow business and mindset coach, Ruby McGuire, The Working Women’s Guide to Menopause: When the Heat is On. Don’t Sweat It!

As two women in our fifties, experiencing perimenopause, Ruby and Gail are on a mission to help women in small businesses and corporate to master their mindset to win through the monumental life phase of menopause.

In our conversation, we cover practical tips to navigating menopause using proven mindset tools, tips and strategies including

  • Why it is vital to say No more often
  • How to embed positive daily mindset habits for success
  • How to flip the switch on blaming menopause

You can obtain a copy of the book through any reputable bookstore or on Amazon e

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