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Jan. 5, 2023

SE4: EP 24 "Say Yes to You." Shift from self-doubt to confidence

SE4: EP 24

How do you get your mojo back when menopause with its brain fog, weight gain and other symptoms wrapped up in an ageist/misogynistic world can knock our confidence sideways?

My guest this week is Professional Certified Coach Janelle Anderson, who specializes in working with women entrepreneurs helping them become confident in themselves.

She specialises in the inner work of shedding old stories that hold us back from living to our highest potential and establishing our true identity and purpose so we shine our light and make the impact we were meant to make in the world.

Janelle shares her own story and how she came to where she is today.

And inspiring points on

  • What makes confidence so important for women during this season of their lives? (menopause, midlife)?
  • What are the biggest challenges women face when it comes to being confident?
  • How can women identify the areas of confidence and lack of confidence in their lives?
  • A key tip that can help you begin to shift from self-doubt to confidence

Connect with Janelle on her website https://www.emerginglifecoaching.com/ and tune into her podcast Women Emerging Fearlessly

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