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Sept. 20, 2022

SE4: EP 9 Age is Not a Limit

SE4: EP 9 Age is Not a Limit

This week I am privileged to introduce you to an amazing superwoman, Eileen Greene.

Eileen is an empowered and fearless woman who strongly believes there's no age to achieve your goals and dreams. After raising her three sons, she went on an unrelenting campaign to educate herself and experience life to the fullest. She became: 

  • One of the first people to be certified in NLP by Tony Robbins. 
  • A Ted Talk Lecturer
  • Lectured about sex at high schools for Planned Parenthood, 
  • Became certified Hypnotherapist, 
  • Received her Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology 
  • Certified in Interior Design

and that's only part of it

At 93 she is an active Life Coach using Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapeutic methods to help her clients.  

In our conversation we talk about:

  • Why “It’s Never Too Late” (until it is) to do things in your life, regardless of your age.
  • The importance of living with gratitude for what you had, and to Erase Negativity/Live with Positivity.
  • Becoming an 'elder' gives you a truly unique perspective on one’s life and ageing.
  • To live a life understanding that you can program/re-program yourself at any age and to take advantage of our brain’s power of “Neuro-Plasticity” to keep growing and learning and ADDING skills and experiences.

Check out Eileen's TED talk which she gave at 87. So filled with wisdom https://tedxtv.blogspot.com/2017/05/its-never-too-late-until-it-is-eileen.html

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