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May 16, 2023

SE5: EP 16 The Gut Microbiome and It's Role in Menopause

SE5: EP 16 The Gut Microbiome and It's Role in Menopause

Natalie Woodman, clinical nutritionnist and gut microbiome specialist, discusses the importance of gut health and its impact on overall well-being. She explains that stress can have a significant impact on the microbiome and that antibiotics can disrupt it by reducing beneficial bacteria. Natalie uses the analogy of a garden to explain how pathogenic bacteria can take over in the absence of good bacteria. She emphasizes the importance of a harmonious lifestyle to maintain gut health, improve mood and lead to better food choices. The speaker shares their personal experience with back pain and how improving their gut health allowed them to do things they couldn't do before. Natalie also discusses how women going through perimenopause and menopause can benefit from prioritizing gut health during this change. She notes that many women struggle with weight, emotional issues, and pain, but by focusing on gut health, they can empower themselves to improve their overall health.

Recent evidence-based research shows that one of the principal regulators of health and hormones is the Gut Microbiome. The impact of the gut microbiota on health has become a rapidly growing and exciting area of research which clearly shows that therapeutic interventions, food and lifestyle, can positively modulate its composition and alleviate menopausal symptoms and associated symptoms of inability to reach and maintain a healthy weight, digestive disorders, fatigue, metabolic syndrome, thyroid issues and mood fluctuations.

This week I am joined by Gut Health Practitioner and Nutritionist Natalie Woodman who has years of clinical experience and worked with hundreds of clients, transforming their health through the Menopausal years through interventions targeting their Microbiome.

Natalie wants to let women know that through simple daily changes to their food (not dieting – in fact the opposite) and lifestyle changes (which the busiest woman can implement) they CAN change the trajectory of their health and transform their lives.


We talked about the following:

  1. What is my Gut Microbiome and what role does it play in my health?
  2. What foods diminish my Microbiome? What foods enhance my Microbiome?
  3. What Lifestyle elements diminish my Microbiome? What Lifestyle elements enhance my Microbiome?
  4. What role does the Microbiome play in perimenopause and Menopausal symptoms?
  5. What simple shifts can I make to rebalance and replenish my microbiome to alleviate perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms?

    Key Takeouts
    00:00:00 Discovery Of Gut Microbiome And Nutrition Engine By Accident
    00:05:40 Overcoming Physical Limitations And Improving Health With Age.
    00:08:41 The Challenges Of Balancing Microbiome In Our Modern Lifestyle
    00:11:53 The Impact Of Stress On Microbiome Integration And Antibiotics On Disrupting Microbiome
    00:13:26 Changing Priorities To Combat Stress For Women
    00:18:34 Gut Bacteria And Health: Prioritizing Sustainable Diets Over Fad Diets To Combat Pathogens
    00:20:50 Creating Space For Health As A Busy Woman
    00:22:50 Learning From Mistakes: The Human Condition And Coping With Stress
    00:27:30 The Importance Of Eating Vegetables During Menopause And Embracing Change
    00:29:18 The Importance Of Probiotics In Supporting Beneficial Bacteria In The Body.
    00:32:53 The Value Of Slowing Down In Achieving Goals
    00:35:15 Making Fundamental Changes In Life To Improve It
    00:37:14 The Virtuous Cycle Of Gut Microbiome And Mood.
    00:39:22 Reflections On Letting Go And Accepting Imperfection
    00:40:57 The Importance Of Seasonal Eating
    00:45:44 Creating A Healthy Gut Microbiome With A Baseline Diet And Managing Stress
    00:48:29 Mother Acknowledges Impact Of Her Behavior On Children's Mental Health.


For more information on Natalie, please visit her website on www.nataliewoodman.com

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