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Thriving Thru Menopause

Thriving Thru Menopause

Join menopause health coach and mindfulness practitioner Clarissa Kristjansson as she takes you on a journey to learn how to holistically take control of your menopause symptoms.

Every week Clarissa covers topics from sleeping better to dealing with anxiety to improving your relationships. She introduces you to a wide range of guests who bring their expertise, insights and practical tips to help you better manage your menopause and its challenges. So you can thrive rather than survive this life stage.

Find out more about the podcast by visiting thrivethrumenopause.com and follow Clarissa Kristjansson on LinkedIn and Instagram @thrivingthrumenopause

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SE4: EP 19 Proudly NeuroDivergent and Hormonal as Hell

Nov. 29, 2022

For those of us who are already aware of our neurodiversity perimenopause can leave us feeling more sensitive. We can experience that socializing is harder and communication that requires focus and concentration is challengi…

SE4: EP 18 How Cannabis Can Provide Relief During Menopause

Nov. 22, 2022

Struggling with anxiety, finding it hard to relax or wishing you could improve your sex life? Medical Cannabis might just be the answer. My guests this week are Dr Leslie Apgar an OB-GYN and Gina Dubbé a business entrepreneu…

SE4: EP 17 How To Get Started with Decluttering and Organising Your Home and Life

Nov. 15, 2022

Menopause can be a time of life when we can feel overwhelmed by our stuff and mess. Or we simply want to do a massive clear out, after all this time life has been called The Great Clean. But before your get started tune into…

SE4:EP16 Time to Rise, Be Loud, Be Bold, Be Unapologetic

Nov. 8, 2022

My guest this week is Lesley Michaels equity warrior, speaker, entrepreneur, transformational coach and author of On The Shoulders Of Mighty Women. Throughout the years, Lesley has been a dedicated voice for bringing attenti…

Nervous Energy: How To Harness the Power of Your Menopause Anxiety

Nov. 1, 2022

In menopause and experiencing anxiety? You are not alone. Anxiety is one of the most common symptoms and it can feel overwhelming. But how we respond to anxiety will determine whether it will create havoc or whether we can u…

The State of Menopause - What Is Going On?

Oct. 25, 2022

My guest this week is Ann Marie McQueen who is not only going through perimenopause herself, she brings 25 years of award-winning journalism experience to her coverage, with recognition for excellence in health and feature w…

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How Menopause Affects How We View Things.

Here is a guest blog I wrote for my friends on the Declutter Hub about menopause and how  It changes our relationships to clutter Why declutteri…

Why Menopause Gives Us the Opportunity to Own Our Feminine…

Going into perimenopause and menopause, many women struggle. They feel their health challenges are stopping them from moving forward.

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About the Host

Clarissa Kristjansson Profile Photo

Clarissa Kristjansson

Author, Speaker and Podcaster

Clarissa Kristjansson is an internationally recognized Menopause Mentor.
A neuroscientist and former corporate leader in 2013 Clarissa suffered burnout during her own perimenopause that set her on a different path.
She is passionate about raising awareness around menopause, ensuring that the conversation is inclusive and that people in this transition are better able to advocate for themselves. And that beyond the challenges there s also room to see menopause as a positive stage of life that is preparing us for our Second Spring.
As well as being the host of the Thriving Thru Menopause podcast, Clarissa is a keynote speaker and an international best-selling author of The Mindful Menopause. She is releasing 3 new co-authored books in 2022.
She lives with husband and her rescue dog in a small rural community on the West Coast of Sweden