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May 7, 2020

Releasing Emotional Weight

Releasing Emotional Weight

In this week's episode of The Menopause Project I am joined by disruptive health coach and eating disorder specialist Carol May She shares her journey of 5 decades living a life waiting to be thin and small. And how a breakthrough led to releasing 44l

Women spend a life time dieting and conforming to a world the over values youth and slimness. Diets as we know rarely work. When we release long held thoughts and emotions about ourselves and the world around us, we can effortlessly release the excess weight that is no longer needed. In this episode Clarissa talks to disruptive health coach Carol May about her own journey from hating her self, dieting and depression to being reborn and now helping others on the journey of body image, weight loss and intuitive eating. An episode for every woman who has struggled with dieting misery

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