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July 27, 2021

S2E37. Do Women Experience Stress Differently To Men? With Dr Delia McCabe

S2E37. Do Women Experience Stress Differently To Men? With Dr Delia McCabe

Dr Delia McCabes's work is focused on the neurological effect of specific nutrients on female stress. In this conversation we discuss why female stress is different to male stress, why stress is nutritionally expensive and how maintaining blood glucose st

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Why female stress is different from male stress even though male and female brain are more similar than different.5.07

Why when women are stressed it our impacts hormone synthesis leading to challenges with the synthesis of neurotransmitters that allow us to be calm and relaxed, and fall sleep.7.31

Why if our digestive system isn't working optimally, then the serotonin (our feel-good hormone) that needs to be synthesized in our gut isn't being synthesized optimally. 13.12

How does stress cost us nutritionally? Why in  ‘keeping us safe’ all of our nutrients are funneled into adrenaline and cortisol production leaving us exhausted and with no energy 18.27

Are women more vulnerable to nutrient deficiencies vs. men? 21.02

What do if you want to kick start your parasympathetic nervous system 23.20

Why you can't have everything you have to choose. You can't have a perfect home with everything in its place and do perfect entertaining and have a perfect body and have perfect children and a perfect marriage and a perfect career. 24.55

How a common genetic anomaly connected to folate can increase women’s risk of depression and anxiety and how this can be corrected by taking active forms of folate and B vitamins can correct this. 34.56

Why although HRT helps manage symptoms it does not address underlying issues of stress because it doesn’t help women in changing the way they're making decisions 42.00

Why maintaining blood glucose stability and the role of essential fats are key to stress resiliency 43.20

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