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Aug. 10, 2021

S2E39. Developing Compassion For Ourselves with Dr Marianne Trent

S2E39. Developing Compassion For Ourselves with Dr Marianne Trent

How can we all start to have more self-compassion? Dr Marianne Trent Clinical Psychologist shares how a compassionate approach can help us to be kinder to ourselves, cultivating our own compassionate other and fade out the self-critic.

Welcome 1.32

The toxicity of the inner critic 7.01

Why being a human first and a psychologist second has been a turning point for her and her patients 11.52

How helping people to regulate their  feelings and thoughts and take simple steps to tweak them can get them  back to a more comfortable area where they can function better 14.42

If we can start talking about period, how this can be a catalyst to talking more about menopause 20.42

I want to have a menopause cake and menopause party. Let's do it. Well, if we can have baby showers, why not? 22.07

That conversation about women’s mental health including suicide during perimenopause is not discussed sufficiently even amongst psychologists 23.52

Why it is so important to overcome the stigma of therapy in particular in UK 27.51

Discuss some of the differences between therapy approaches and why her work is based on a compassionate approach, but also blends in the trauma work as and when necessary, to get to the underlying cause of why her patients feel the way they do 31.36

Why self-care is giving yourself breathing space 36.31

Marianne shares her steps to bringing more compassion to yourself

  • Tuning into the self-critic jotting down some of the thoughts that you say to yourself, for a week, and then read it back to yourself
  • Ask yourself the question, if this was a friend or someone else in my life, would I want to listen to everything they've got to say?
  • If we are being critical can be we more understanding and reframe the conversation

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