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Aug. 24, 2021

S2E41. Boosting Your Metabolism To Stay Slimmer With Age with Candace Rhodes

S2E41. Boosting Your Metabolism To Stay Slimmer With Age with Candace Rhodes

Are you looking for a simple, easy to follow system that doesn't involve dieting or willpower to lose weight? In this episode I am joined by Candace Rhodes founder of the F.I.R.E method, a scientific approach, that has helped hundreds of women to feel hea

Welcome 1.32

Why are women so susceptible to weight gain around menopause? 3.17

Why the endless cycle of eating less and exercising more doesn’t work

The importance of going into menopause with as much muscle mass as possible 7.47

Finding the sweet spot for maintaining and building muscle mass. 8.26

Why working with a personal trainer not only helps you make progress but also builds confidence in training alone at the gym 14.59

Many women don’t eat sufficient quantities of protein which impairs their ability to build and maintain muscle mass 18.27

Why one of the drawbacks about too few calories is that it will automatically slow down your metabolism which has the opposite effect on your weight than desired  20.29

Candace shares her F.I.R.E program -  an acronym that stands for fuel, ignite, redefine and emerge that creates permanent change for women 25.51

  • Working out their nutrition
  • Boosting their metabolism
  • Creating the right mindset
  • Developing confidence

One of the key points for success is to create a small, small, tiny goal to get motivated, grow confidence and then do more 33.38

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