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Dec. 8, 2020

S2E9. Stand Up to Cancer with Grace B. Charrier, cancer activist and patient leader

S2E9. Stand Up to Cancer with Grace B. Charrier, cancer activist and patient leader

In today’s episode Clarissa talks with Grace B. Charrier, author, speaker, host of Cancer Convos with Grace B and a proud survivor of Stage 3 Breast CancerAfter completing her treatment in 2017, she felt a strong calling to amplify her voice and reach out

Welcome 1.32

The anxiety of not being able to access information, services and affordable treatment 2.43

Why it is so important to accept and face that you have cancer 8.59

‘ I get high on talking about mental health, because I think that's what has kept me here to this time’ 12.45

The power of affirmations about who you are, and where you want to be and where you want to go 16.29

The importance of looking inwards and telling yourself, okay, this has happened to me. Then taking steps to find a community to support you 18.37

‘I watched, a close friend of mine go, and all that, that gave gave me a sense of urgency to become my own best advocate’ 22.52

‘Don't allow any doctor to brush you off as a statistic. You know, go there, tell them exactly what you feel, mentally and physically and insist that they listen’ 23.15

We can be our own best advocate by asking the right questions by noting down what is going on, everything, the medicines, your relationships, everything because we suffer sometimes from chemo brain 28.30

As soon as the doctor starts talking, you also hit record. Because there's so much going on. When you get home, in your quiet moments on your bed, then, go back to what the doctor said 29.12

Patients deserve a seat at the table. Big pharma or oncologists are to be to be talking about us, but invite us to be there in order to have the best of outcomes. Without us the equation is not equal 29.59 

Grace shares about the work she does as a cancer patient advocate with the American Cancer Society, Wego and Immerman Angels 32.20

Grace talks about her newly published book Impossicant which is what her daughter said in African slang on hearing her mothers diagnosis 42.37






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