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April 12, 2022

SE3: EP 15 How to Think Differently About Weight Loss in Menopause

SE3: EP 15 How to Think Differently About Weight Loss in Menopause

This week's guest is Stephanie Shaw a nutrition strategist who helps high-performing mid-life women going through menopause get the body they desire and the confidence they deserve.

Stephanie helps menopausal women peel back the layers of the intricate health puzzle, down to the DNA, and shows them precisely what to do. As a result, her clients lose and keep off the weight, and build a sustainable lifestyle of confidence, energy, and love for their bodies.

  • Stephanie's transition from corporate to coaching
  • Peeling back the layers, down to the DNA. What does that mean?
  • How stress impacts our weight and our health
  • How inflammation causes disease and weight
  • How you can get away with eating more and exercising less and still lose weight
  • Why Stephanie supports “mid-life” women
  • Turning pain into purpose

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