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April 26, 2022

SE3: EP 17 Parenting Your Aging Parents with Mike and Kim Barnes

SE3: EP 17 Parenting Your Aging Parents with Mike and Kim Barnes

Over the past five years, Mike and Kim Barnes found themselves navigating problems they never saw coming from their parents: Alzheimer's, pacemakers, COVID pneumonia, and the tough decision to move parents into retirement communities.

They've learned to balance the many facets of parenting ageing parents, including medical, financial, and everyday-life decisions, emotional rollercoasters, protecting their parents from scams, and more, all while parenting their college-age kids, and building their careers.

Mike & Kim each spent 30 years on TV. Kim's TV career includes 15 years as an award-winning reporter and news anchor and Mike's includes 29 years as an award-winning sportscaster.

They've realized that so many adult children go through the same trials with their parents, yet hardly anyone talks about it. Most struggle in silence. That's why they created a community to provide information, resources, and support.

Show Highlights Include

What is the hardest part, initially, about wanting to do a good job of balancing taking care of your parents while working and parenting your own kids

The importance of community in helping us to deal with the realities of parenting ageing parents?

When’s the right time to start planning for your parent's golden years.

Three fundamental questions to address to make sure you can take the best care of your parents when they get older.

The most important document you need for medical emergencies (and why you should have this well in advance)

Why asking your parents about their financial situation is an act of kindness even if money is an uncomfortable topic of conversation in your household

Why understanding the generational gaps is key in navigating the emotional aspects of having ageing parents with empathy

You can connect with Mike and Kim through their website https://parentingagingparents.com/ and join the Facebook group for more support

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