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Feb. 8, 2022

SE3 EP6 Fitness in Menopause with Dr Maria Luque

SE3 EP6 Fitness in Menopause with Dr Maria Luque

Does exercise help with menopause symptoms?

YES. But the approach needs to be individualised and most importantly FUN says my guest Dr Maria Luque

Maria is a fitness expert, a health science professor and a menopause nerd who holds graduate and post-graduate degrees in health sciences and certifications and teaches at the College of Health and Human Services at Trident University International as well as being a freelance writer for fitness publications.

In this conversation, we talk about

  • A new perspective on what movement is and how important movement and physical activity is during menopause
  •  And that while exercise may not eliminate all of your symptoms it definitely makes a difference but no one really knows how things go until we try it, that's why menopause is a time of exploration.
  • How her research has indicated that there is reason to believe that specific types of exercise can have targeted effects for some menopause symptoms.
  • Why her focus with her clients is always about the Improvement of Quality of life and enjoyment. Without it, nothing matters.

You can connect with Maria at her website https://www.fitnessinmenopause.com/ learn more about her program and how you can work with her.

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