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July 12, 2022

SE3:EP28 Yoga for Joint Renewal in Menopause

SE3:EP28 Yoga for Joint Renewal in Menopause

In menopause, we can face pain, stiffness, restrictions and limitations in our body as our hormones fluctuate and decline. And in a pain-adverse society, popping pills, and trying to avoid feeling discomfort is our default. This is fine as a temporary fix, but it doesn't address the underlying causes.  

This week on the podcast I am joined by Kathy White, Kaiut yoga teacher, art therapist and life coach and founder of the Joint Renewal system that helps midlife people keep their joints lubricated and mobile with easy-to-understand movements and concepts. 

We talk about

  • How Kathy discovered Kaiut yoga during her own menopause
  • Why stretching is not the key to improving our joint mobility
  • What is wrong with the popular Western approach to yoga
  • How the body holds the score, especially in the joints
  • The benefits of the Joint Renewal system
  • The importance of the C's Courage, Curiosity and Commitment

And more!

You connect with Kathy, find out more about her programs and sign up for her next 7C's Challenge by going to her website https://www.kathywhiteyoga.com/

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