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Nov. 8, 2022

SE4:EP16 Time to Rise, Be Loud, Be Bold, Be Unapologetic

SE4:EP16 Time to Rise, Be Loud, Be Bold, Be Unapologetic

My guest this week is Lesley Michaels equity warrior, speaker, entrepreneur, transformational coach and author of On The Shoulders Of Mighty Women. Throughout the years, Lesley has been a dedicated voice for bringing attention to the challenges, dehumanization, and legalized inequities delivered upon members of marginalized communities.

In our conversations we discuss:

  • How women struggle to hold up more than just their half of the sky.
  • How women have allowed themselves to be indoctrinated by the patriarchy and are walking around with internalized misogyny, pushing away from other women.
  • Why a highly competitive stance with other women is feeding the patriarchy
  • The importance of coming together conversing, communicating and supporting each other.
  • The power of educating each other instead of taking oppositional stances in menopause.
  • Asking yourself 'how are you going to use your privilege to enhance someone else's life today? '
  • The power of stepping up to break down those silos and create our collective, stronger, cross-generational inclusive voice

You connect with Lesley through her website https://lesleymichaels.com/ Tune into her weekly podcast Women We Should Know and get a copy of her book On the Shoulders of Mighty Women

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