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March 21, 2023

SE5: EP8 Menopause Out LOUD!

My guests this week have been BFFs since high school who ended up in the mad world of advertising. Used yoga to balance the crazy. Started doing yoga retreats for 10 years until Menopause HIT then their mission changed to one of service.

Jan Scott and Diana Phillips are on a mission to create Modern Menopause by getting real tools and knowledge into the hands of every woman including the marginalized; battered or imprisoned women struggling with poverty on top of Menopause

And with decades of experience in the advertising world, they want to shift corporate workplaces' conversation and action for menopausal co-workers.

And finally, we dive deep into their amazing upcoming Bali retreats with world-renowned experts starting June 2023


00:05:54 Embracing Age Wisdom Through Menopause-focused Activities And Yoga Retreats.
00:06:41 Shifting Focus To Menopause: Debunking Myths And Removing Stigmas
00:12:20 The Need For Support And Education On Menopause In The Corporate World
00:19:38 Self-care During Midlife Transition And Perimenopause
00:26:55 The Power Of Intention In Bali Retreats
00:27:36 Inspirational Women Experts on The Retreats Blending Eastern And Western Modalities
00:32:57 Petra Coveney Former Journalist who Created Menopause Yoga 
00:36:08 Women's Health Experts With Different Styles: Amanda Thebe And Dr Shahzadi Harper
00:38:14 Emma Bardwell: Food As A Healing Modality In Menopause
00:42:13 Jen Salib Huber: Emphasizing The Importance Of Truth And Discarding False Information
00:44:31 Tailored Retreats: The Transformation That Awaits

You can connect with Jan and Diana through their website https://windroseworld.com/

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Jan Scott and Diana PhillipsProfile Photo

Jan Scott and Diana Phillips

Menopause Retreat Leaders

Clarissa - Diana and I are big fans of your podcast and are launching Modern Menopause retreats this year in Bali with Petra Coveney, Amanda Thebe, Emma Bardwell, Dr. Shahzadi Harper and Dr. Jenn Salib Huber.

We'd love to talk about the WHY of these retreats and how we are out to cause a ripple effect talking about Menopause OUT LOUD.
We'd love to chat/Zoom to see if it's a good fit for you and Thriving Thru Menopause. xx Jan 310 993 5574 (Los Angeles, CA)

We're a woman-owned company specializing in solutions and information about menopause by hosting Modern Menopause™ yoga retreats around the world with master teachers whose styles encompass the full spectrum of specialties dealing with all stages of menopause. Our mission is to debunk the myths and stigmas so women can embrace the potency, power and opportunity of this transition; explore innate wisdoms to boost confidence and health; and proactively inform, educate, and inspire. We recognize both the privilege and responsibility to nurture sustainable and holistic communities and preserve cultural traditions that embrace and inspire inclusivity. www.windroseworld.com