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Dec. 6, 2022

Se 4:EP 20 An integrative and lifestyle approach to pelvic health

Se 4:EP 20 An integrative and lifestyle approach to pelvic health

My guest this week is Dr Ginger Garner an integrative PT, educator, and longtime advocate committed to making physical therapy services accessible, affordable, and equitable, especially for pelvic health. She is the CEO of Living Well Institute founded in 2000 to teach therapists how to use integrative therapies (Yoga, Functional and Lifestyle Medicine) in clinical and health promotion practice

In this episode, Dr Ginger and I discuss the importance of taking a functional, integrative, and lifestyle medicine approach to treating pelvic health issues. And Dr Ginger shares her innovative work focused on the close link between the vagus nerve and the three diaphragms, including the vocal diaphragm and voice. The voice is increasingly recognized as a tell-tale sign of health. It is the new biomarker for wellness.

We delve deeper into:

1. What does taking a holistic approach to menopause look like as a pelvic PT?

2. What is trauma-informed care?

3. Why do we need it and why does it matter for menopause?

4. What are common functional medicine tests and/or interventions for menopause?

5. What can integrative pelvic PT do - why is it superior to pelvic PT alone?

This is a must listen episode for patients and healthcare providers alike.

You can connect with Dr Ginger through her website https://livingwellinc.org/ to access the clinic and courses

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